Wellbeing Lunch Hour!

Today at 1 Cardale Park we hosted a Wellbeing Lunch Hour to raise our office worker’s awareness of National Stress Day. 

The day boasted a variety of healthy and sweet treats from local vendours for the lunch aspect of our event which was soon gobbled up quickly by our hungry workers! 

We also had a variety of therapists who will be working from our space at 1 Cardale Park, offering holistic therapies to our office workers during their lunch breaks or whenever they need a wellbeing escape. With therapies ranging from reflexology and crystal healing to yoga and pilates, it was an excellent chance for our tenants to find out what might help them and learn so much more! 

At the end of the day, we can’t forget the huge toll of stress that work can have on our lives and as a business centre we want to provide our tenants with as many opportunities to look after theirselves as possible. Even simply meeting those who work in the offices around you and having a socialise can really boost our mental health, reducing stress which is something we aim to do regularly! 

It was lovely to see so many of you attend today and we can’t wait for the next event.

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Sophie Phillips

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