We’ve been desk-ercising!!

For many people, office work involves extended periods of time sitting at desks. For some it can be all day. This can cause a number of problems such as muscle deterioration, hip and back problems, poor posture and stress. Fortunately staying healthier at work is easier than you might think.

On Wednesday 2nd November we were extremely lucky to have pilates instructor Lindsey Jackson, core nutritional therapist Vicky Richardson and wellness coaches The Harlow join us at 1 Cardale Park sharing their tips and advice for well being at work, including desk exercises and eating recommendations.

By doing a series of seated and standing exercises we fired up the vagus nerve, released the spine, energised our brain with a special breathing technique and released tight hips. All simple and effective movements that can be done throughout the day, and if done regularly will not only improve physical issues but will also help improve things like focus and concentration, alertness and energy levels.

Adding in a nutritional angle about how to be healthier at our desks, Victoria explained how some of these exercises are a perfect way to stimulate the rest and digest state before eating. Then taking a moment to tune into how you’re feeling before you eat, and taking time out to eat away from your desk can be hugely beneficial too.

Here are some top tips for eating well at work:

Keep well hydrated – this helps concentration, cognition and mood

Keep caffeine in-take to before lunchtime – high caffeine intake contributes to poor sleep, tiredness, anxiety and can make hormonal symptoms worse

Avoid snacking throughout the day which can create fatigue

Don’t work whilst eating your lunch (or look at your phone)

Get up and move every at various times throughout the day to aid digestion

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