How does hot desking work?

While it’s certainly not a new concept for freelancers and startups, companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing hybrid working models and the hot desking trend – infusing more flexibility, efficiency and collaborations.

Shared office spaces are an effective way for businesses to save money while ensuring their employees have a physical space to work from.

But how does hot desking work and what are the advantages over traditional office space?

Let’s find out…

How does hot desking work?

The goal of hot desking is to optimise available office space – minimising unused space and better-managing staff who sometimes work from home.

Hot desk space is allocated on a first-come first-served basis. There is no designated seating plan, meaning you could end up being sat at a different desk, next to someone new, every day.

Some hot desk providers offer desk space for people working at the same company. However, here at 1 Cardale Park, we provide hot desk office space to people from various organisations.

One of the greatest advantages of not being assigned a designated seat in a hot desk office is that you’re more likely to interact with people that you wouldn’t normally speak to. This gives you ample opportunity to bounce ideas off fellow freelancers and self-employed workers and share knowledge and experience.

Employees have access to a host of facilities and resources that ensure a seamless and productive workplace.

These include:

  • Access to power sockets and telephones
  • Access to communal kitchen and lounge hubs
  • Bookable meeting rooms
  • A dependable Wi-Fi connection
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Free parking (including access to electric car charging facilities)

The do’s and don’ts for hot desking

Hot desking is a solution that many businesses can take advantage of. However, there are a few considerations to make when embracing this flexible office arrangement.

For example, employees must respect their colleagues’ space – being mindful not to make too much noise and distract them from their work.

Even if you decide to book your hot desk space in advance, arriving on time will ensure a smooth and efficient process both for yourself and others using coworking space.

It’s also worth embracing the concept of hybrid working and hot desking – adapting to different workspaces and environments. The more willing you are to work flexibly and with others collaboratively and inclusively, the better your hot desking experience will be!

Avoid leaving personal belongings at a hot desk coworking space. The whole idea behind this flexible way of working is not for employees to permanently claim a desk and limit availability for others.

Enquire about our hot desk space in Harrogate

Depending on your needs and how often you’d like to access hot desk coworking space, here at 1 Cardale Park, we provide daily and monthly passes.

Our day passes are perfect for those looking to rent office space on an ad-hoc basis without being tied into a long-term lease, while our monthly passes are ideal if you require more regular, weekly access to our hot desk office space and on-site facilities.

To find out more about what can you expect from Harrogate hot desking with us, please feel free to contact us at any time.

You can either call 07852492168 or drop us an email at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about the benefits of booking a space at a hot desk office, take a look at our recent blog ‘What are the benefits of hot-desking?’.

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