7 things to consider when hiring a meeting room

Meeting rooms can be hired for everything from client meetings and interviews to training sessions, conference calls and corporate events.

However, since successful meetings are often built on first impressions, choosing a venue that offers the necessary amenities for your clients, colleagues and candidates is key.

Here, the team at 1 Cardale Park outlines what you should look for when hiring a meeting room in Harrogate.

1.    Accessibility

Whether you’re a small business trying to impress a new client, pitching your products and services to investors or teaching students, finding a venue that is easily accessible for everyone (including those with disabilities and additional needs) is vitally important.

Opting for meeting space hire in a central spot that’s easy to find  – like ours – can make a good impression on visitors. And ensuring there is sufficient (free) parking on-site will encourage people to attend your meeting, without worrying about finding somewhere safe to park their car.

2.    Acoustics

Though frequently overlooked when searching for meeting room hire, it’s crucial to consider the acoustics. For example, participants seated in the back row need to be able to hear the person leading the meeting.

With that in mind, it’s worth checking if the appropriate sound amplification facilities, such as speakers, are provided or whether you’ll need to supply your own. Using audio induction (hearing loops) can also be beneficial for anyone with hearing impediments – providing clear audio with less background noise.

3.    Breakout spaces

Meeting space hire provides you with all the facilities you need to host meetings face-to-face – helping to make your time more productive.

However, a meeting venue that offers breakout areas for delegates to stretch their legs, relax, collaborate, work independently and grab something to eat or drink will serve as a decent networking space.

4.    Catering

Are you hosting an all-day event? Even if it’s a meeting that’s scheduled from 9am until lunchtime, having catering options on hand at the venue can be a real boon.

As part of our meeting room hire, we can provide a drinks reception – serving complimentary tea and coffee for attendees during break times. Ideal if you forgot to bring your flask along, and helping to keep your energy (and concentration) levels up!

5.    Comfort

Finding a meeting room with enough capacity is one thing, but you also need to make sure that the space is fit for purpose.

For instance, if clients, colleagues or candidates will be seated for most of the day, comfortable seating is a must-have. If they need to be able to move around freely for group discussions and general participation, make sure the room can be adapted quickly, easily and safely.

6.    Location

Hiring a venue that’s in an attractive and accessible location is guaranteed to make it easier for attendees to find, ensuring they arrive on time and without hassle.

Take our meeting room hire in Harrogate, for example. Situated on the south side of town, our facilities are typically the go-to choice of those in need of a professional yet calming environment for board meetings, discussions, interviews and training events in North Yorkshire. We even provide free parking on-site, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

7.    Technology

For a long time, technology has shaped the way we deliver and attend events.

Ensuring that there is fast and reliable Wi-Fi available, as well as the appropriate connectivity facilities (i.e. cables and ports) will enable attendees to get the most out of the event. To guarantee everything runs as smoothly as possible – without any delays or disruptions – it’s worth having an in-house technician on hand to help, too.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about meeting space hire and the facilities we offer at 1 Cardale Park, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

Our team is always on hand to help and will happily assist you.

Feel free to give us a call on 07852 492168 or drop us an email at info@1cardalepark.co.uk to find out more about our meeting room hire in Harrogate.

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